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XTH Sense™ – Biocreative instrument

XTH Sense-biocreative instrument

XTH Sense harnesses the power of your body to let you interact with connected devices, musical and video software, games and VR.

Thanks to its advanced sensing algorithms, the XTH Sense does much more than capturing data from your body. It learns the nuances of your body by extracting precise biophysical features, like:

  • the acoustic properties of the body
  • data patterns created by motion
  • changes in body temperature.

The combination of these features is what we call a biosignature.

Through the XTH Software Suite you can link the sensor data to the stroke of a live drawing in a virtual environment, a 3D avatar’s walk in a fantasy world or the pitch of a chord progression in a musical composition, like Susanne Eder in the video below.

 The XTH Sense consists of:

  • The XTH Sense wireless wearable, in two colours: pearl white or obsidian black
  • The XTH Software Suite, professional for experts and easy to use for beginners
  • The XTH Platform, our community hub

All of this works smoothly on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.

When you wear the XTH Sense an array of biosensors captures 7 types of signals from your body:

1) The sound of your muscles contracting when you move
2) The sound of the heart beating
3) The sound of the blood flowing
4) Temperature
5) Motion
6) Orientation
7) Rotation

The XTH Sense transmits the sound and data wirelessly over radio frequency to communicate with the XTH Software Suite on your laptop. To use the data creatively, all you need to do is launch our plug & play application, or load our plugins in your favorite music, video or creative coding software.

Using the graphical interface of the XTH Software Suite you can easily link your body’s expressive features and raw data to digital content. You can control musical parameters, create digital drawings, interact with game mechanics and play in virtual reality (VR) with your body.

Margherita Pevere
Visual artist and researcher tinkering with living matter www.margheritapevere.com
Consultant at  XTH www.xth.io



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