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Xerox in 1986

This is a sample of a corporate-industrial training video written, produced, and directed in 1986 by John-Michael Battaglia for his client, Xerox, to educate the Xerox sales force how to strategically position their graphically-oriented “Documenter” desk-top publishing work station against the competition, which, in the mid-eighties consisted of Aldus PageMaker (version 1.0) on the Macintosh, and not much at all on the DOS-based IBM personal computer in the dark days before that imitative, graphical interface called Windows arrived on the scene. Computer geeks and software historians may derive some eye-opening, entertainment value from this glimpse into the past. They can peek back in time to observe what the state-of-the-art was in desktop publishing hardware and software in the mid-eighties. As part of a multi-faceted, day-long training program, the complete video on competitive analysis ran for 90 minutes, and it provided an in-depth, head-to-head comparison of the features and benefits of the Xerox “Documenter,” PageMaker on the Mac, and DOS programs on the PC that have fortunately disappeared without a trace. But no one needs to suffer through that much agony to get a nostalgic taste of what things were like then, so only the conceptual overview provided in the opening 14 minutes is being shown in this excerpt.

A pretty narrator introduces the topic of desktop publishing, and then she goes on to briefly compare and contrast the three hardware platforms and their software offerings, all with the goal of instructing the Xerox sales force how to take advantage of the superior power and functionality of the Xerox product. Xerox retains the copyright to this video production: the writer-producer-director was granted the customary artist’s right to show his portfolio copy to prospective clients and employers as a work sample. This digitization of the original video production is merely being hosted on Google’s servers so that the digital file may be linked to the producer’s portfolio web site at www.galileoii.com in order to provide new, potential clients with a cost-effective opportunity to view this video as a sample of his work. No other use is intended or authorized.



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