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Writing a Quantum Program

Microsoft presents : Quantum-focused programming language

called Q# & Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Preview

Open up Visual Studio 2017…..


Go to the File menu and select New > Project.... In the project template explorer, under Installed > Visual C#, select the Q# Application template. Give your project the name Bell

The Quantum Development Kit makes it easy for you to start experimenting with quantum computing now and includes:

· A native, quantum-focused programming language called Q#

· Local and Azure-hosted simulators for you to test your Q# solution

· And sample Q# code and libraries to help you get started In this demo, she walks through a few code examples and explains where quantum principles like superposition and entanglement apply.

She explains how quantum communication works using teleportation as your first “Hello World” inspired program.

And keep watching to see more complex computations with molecular hydrogen. Get started by accessing the preview at https://www.microsoft.com/quantumdevkit and there you can access Q#, the simulators, code samples and tutorials.



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