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World Press Freedom Conference: Journalism without fear or favour

Freedom of expression is a key human right. It is a prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy where people can live freely. Journalists play an important role in this regard, as an independent source of information and watchdog. They must be able to do their work independently and in safety. Unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted. The independence of the media is under pressure. Even now, journalists are being intimidated, threatened and murdered, including in Europe.


The World Press Freedom Conference (WPFC) will take place on 22-24 April 2020 at the World Forum in The Hague, a city known for its role in international peace and justice. The organization urges those active in the field of press freedom to participate. The WPFC will also feature the first-ever World Press Freedom Festival. At least 1,500 participants from all over the world are expected, including a number of high-profile journalists.

Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace invite cartoonists from around the globe, established artists but also new talent, to send in their work for an international cartoon competition and exhibition at the World Press Freedom Conference. The theme of the competition is journalism without fear or favour. In many countries the independence and freedom of media is under attack. Journalists must be able to do their work without fear of or favour from any particular person, opinion, ideology, or other actors.




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