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WordsEye: Type a Picture™ using simple language

“Watch your Language! WordsEye lets you Type a Picture – create #3D scenes by simply describing them and share on #SocialMedia. #typeapicture
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“is a new kind of Social Network for creative expression and “visual banter”. Once you create a scene, it can be shared to the WordsEye Gallery or other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit. But unlike any other form of visual media, Wordseye scenes are infinitely malleable. They can be clicked on, edited with language, seen from a different angle. The ability to quickly create and edit scenes makes communicating and expressing yourself with pictures almost as easy as sending a text message.

Wordseye is a first-of-its-kind web and mobile application that lets you literally Type a Picture™ using simple language. With Wordseye, you can turn words into art, visual opinion, greetings, cartoons, and and banter with these images on our site and over social media.” @wordseye.com

“By using language, anyone can describe 3D scenes very quickly and easily. WordsEye unlocks and democratizes the incredible power of 3D graphics by making it accessible to everyone. In addition, the rapidity of making scenes with language enables opens up 3D graphics to be used in new contexts for instant messaging and visual banter. Textually generated of senes are also very suited to mobile devices, voice interfaces, and ultimately VR where screen space for graphical GUIs is limited or nonexistent.” @wordseye.com



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