All arguing and quarreling. And, as usual, no one says or does anything for the problems of children: in recent days, Trump has deleted the Date that allowed minors to have American citizenship. …

The latest UNICEF report says that the problem of education is not improved by 11.5% over the past 10 years “school-aged children – amounting to 123 million – do not attend school, in 2007 were 12.8% — 135 million. Children living in the poorest countries of the world and in conflict zones are affected disproportionately “. “Targeted investment to grow the number of schools and teachers to cope with the population growth are not enough. This traditional approach will not bring the most vulnerable children in school – and will help them develop their full potential – if will remain trapped in poverty, deprivation and insecurity. Governments and the global community must focus their investments on eliminating factors that first do not allow children to go to school, they should also make schools safer and improve teaching and learning», Jo Bourne, Head of UNICEF for education.
In Italy – not in Africa – more than 2500 schools are NOT safe.

C. Alessandro Mauceri
C. Alessandro Mauceri
Since thirty years C.Alessandro Mauceri deals, writes and talks about issues related to the environment and a sustainable development, as well as internationalization. He is author of several books, including Water War and Finta Democracy. His research and papers were reported in several newspapers, in Italy and abroad.Posts

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