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Volla Phone: Designed with Ubuntu Touch

The Volla Phone will help you find more time in a day and allows you to focus on really important things. The simplicity of pen and paper was the inspiration for this new phone. Rather than apps, people and content are the focus of its user interface.

Experience a new level of simplicity through instant, intuitive interaction with a smartphone, that protects your privacy.


To ensure long-term simplicity and privacy protection, we see the importance of an independent, open source operating system.

Especially Ubuntu Touch, the mobile version of the widely used Ubuntu Linux distribution is promising due to its advanced development. Therefore we offer the choice for a pre-installed Ubuntu Touch on the volla Phone. Android apps and the Volla user experience will not yet be supported by Ubuntu touch for the Volla Phone. Visit the homepage of the Ubports foundation for more information about mobile Linux operating system.



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