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Vasco Gargalo: The trait of vasco neck’s freedom

History teaches us that the Jews suffered at the hands of Hitler. Fascism was a crime against humanity that we must never forget. It is therefore necessary to remember and remember this sinister time to the new generations. The right of peoples to decide their destiny is recognized by the international community and was a consequence of the French revolution The embarrassment to which the Palestinian people have been voted by Israel, contrary to all united nations and International Community Resolutions, is a serious violation of international law. The attempt to re-write history leads Israel to close down Palestinian public services, to occupy all shadows in the “attempt to change the cultural and population composition of the city of Jerusalem” according to Hanan Ashrawi, from the executive committee of the Palestine liberation

The growing expansion of the settlement on Palestinian lands, and recognized as “Legal” by the us, is in shock with the resolution adopted by 164 countries of the United Nations General Assembly in November 2019, where it is recognized, another The right to self-determination of the Palestinian people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of corruption, keeps the siege of the Palestinians by all means.

The International community reacts every day to the death of Palestinian children by the bullets of the Israeli army
This comes about the cartoonist Vasco neck having published a cartoon that criticizes Israel’s politics and in which his ambassador in Portugal, Raphael Gamzou, accuses him of antisemitic for this cartoon, in his opinion, comparing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the holocaust . Indeed, we all know how violent and aggressive Israel’s policy against Palestinians is. Slow cremated by the bullets of your army over the years, killing the institutions and leaders in order to erase history, is in “somehow” a cultural genocide that brings us to the worst of the Holocaust.
If the ambassador of Israel felt that the trait of vasco neck was a threat, what will the Palestinian children who are prevented from going to school and who die with permission from Benjamin Netanyahu, houses and libraries that are destroyed, as well as Your infrastructure?
Mr Ambassador, Portugal is a full democracy, there is freedom of expression. I will always be against censorship, the distortion of the truth and also against those who try to silence those who defend freedom and who have also fought against fascism in the past.
My solidarity is unconditional with the cartoonist Vasco neck. In the past, too, the cartoonist António was the victim of censorship over a condom. The Wave of solidarity agigantou the cause. More than ever we need to defend freedom of expression. Respect the un resolutions, respect the will of the Palestinian people, instead of condemning creativity and asking the newspapers and magazines, where vasco neck works, to suspend the collaboration of the cartoonist. This attempt to separate creativity had a opposite effect, international cartoonists multiplied the Palestinian cause and solidarity with the Portuguese cartoonist. If it was in Israel, Vasco neck would be in prison for long years accused of betrayal of the homeland Fortunately, he is Portuguese, lives in Portugal, is a European citizen and is a free thinker. The Ambassador reminds me of a portuguese ruler who censored José Saramago for a book. Saramago is Nobel and the ruler only exists in the memory of the Portuguese for this sad episode. Ignorance is taken in many ways, but hypocrisy needs a giant to hide myopia. Vasco Gargalo’s trait will be even more green and red, the colors that Jorge De Seine chose to identify freedom. It is no use hiding the sun of Palestine with interpretation that the whole world recognizes in the critical cartoon of vasco Art meets its function when it bothers, makes you think, calls and defends humanitarian causes and values. I respect all religions, but I cannot defend any religion that calls into question the universal principles of freedom, equality and fraternity of peoples. In this world the shadow game draws the contours of invisible complicity, perhaps, therefore Luther King thought, “what worries me is not the cry of the bad, but the silence of the good”.

António Villena

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Gargalo is a portuguese cartoonist, born in 1977 in Vila Franca de Xira, a friendly town in Portugal. He became a father for the first time in 2011. Being a freelance press Cartoonist and Illustrator, his work has been publish in several national and international media – some of his best illustrations can be seen in newspapers and magazines such as “Sábado Magazine”; “Newspaper I”; “Daily News”(portuguese press); "Courrier International”; “Groene Amsterdammer Magazine"; Spotsatire Magazine” (international press). He is a regular collaborator with the Cartoon Movement and has participated in several exhibitions and festivals throughout Portugal, taking part in major European Cartoon Contests. In 2016, Gargalo received four Honorable Mentions: -The United Nations / Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award 2016. -The 1st Kuwait cartoon festival 2016. -The 9th Edition of D. Quichotte International Cartoon Contest/Quo Vadis Europe/Journey of Hope. -The "18th World Festival PortoCartoon". In 2014, he was awarded with a special prize at the "Bienal de Humor Luis d`Oliveira Guimarães Competition". In 2009, he won the Stuart Award, in the category “cartoon press”. In 2005, he won the Illustration Youth Award, at the "National Hall Press Humor" and received a Honorable Mention at the "Portuguese-Galician Hall of Caricature". “Drawing for the freedom of speech is his higher purpose!" POSTS - Articoli



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