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Vasco Gargalo: Censorship

Censorship | for the first time, I just had a humorous cartoon the “nuclear kamasutra”, censored by Facebook and another social network like instagram. I am not surprised at what has happened, because I have been following a number of criticisms of this social network, with some cases of colleagues by profession and most likely will continue to happen, it seems to me that we do XXI, where freedom of expression must be given to all of us, a right that we have, a right for those who draw, for those who write and especially for those who think. With this situation, can I reflect what kind of society we are becoming? We see on social networks, all kinds of freaks, bold photographs, photographs of other people’s misfortunes, sometimes when I’m around, I see amazing things that shock any human being, things I don’t want to see and much less should be allowed. A humorous drawing (cartoon) should never be censored, it serves to reflect and laugh about topical, this is the goal of a cartoon, make laugh!…. the facebook lords, could not laugh, but managed to remove the work of my page without My permission and without substantiating your reasons.

I will always continue to work in favour of freedom of expression and thought, that is my primary purpose.

I apologize for what happened, but as I explained earlier, there are things that have no explanation. This is one of them!

If you want to see the work, you can follow on the cartoon Movement:https://www.cartoonmovement.com/cartoon/47517

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Gargalo is a portuguese cartoonist, born in 1977 in Vila Franca de Xira, a friendly town in Portugal. He became a father for the first time in 2011. Being a freelance press Cartoonist and Illustrator, his work has been publish in several national and international media – some of his best illustrations can be seen in newspapers and magazines such as “Sábado Magazine”; “Newspaper I”; “Daily News”(portuguese press); "Courrier International”; “Groene Amsterdammer Magazine"; Spotsatire Magazine” (international press). He is a regular collaborator with the Cartoon Movement and has participated in several exhibitions and festivals throughout Portugal, taking part in major European Cartoon Contests. In 2016, Gargalo received four Honorable Mentions: -The United Nations / Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award 2016. -The 1st Kuwait cartoon festival 2016. -The 9th Edition of D. Quichotte International Cartoon Contest/Quo Vadis Europe/Journey of Hope. -The "18th World Festival PortoCartoon". In 2014, he was awarded with a special prize at the "Bienal de Humor Luis d`Oliveira Guimarães Competition". In 2009, he won the Stuart Award, in the category “cartoon press”. In 2005, he won the Illustration Youth Award, at the "National Hall Press Humor" and received a Honorable Mention at the "Portuguese-Galician Hall of Caricature". “Drawing for the freedom of speech is his higher purpose!" POSTS - Articoli



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