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Valentin Druzhinin: International Space Station -20 years

The ISS consists of 14 modules and residential compartments, and weighs 400 tons; Working 10 astronauts and astronauts from five countries… station commits 16 revolutions around the earth at 27000 km / h.

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Valentin Druzhinin - Russia He was Born in February 23, 1951 in Kizil Su, Turkmenistan. Started his publications in periodical newspapes and journals at the age of 14. Since 1972 lived in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Member of Ukraine Artists League,participant of the numerous International, All Union, Republic exhibitions he has published more than 4000 works. Owner of more than 100 Prizes International AWARDS and Mentions. He has already have his personal exhibitions in USA, Poland, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Russia. At this moment lives in Moscow, Russia. Works as the artist in Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.



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