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US authorities launch gas to repel about 150 migrants

While in Washington are trying to manage the problems about funds for the building barriers and walls between Mexico and the United States of America, the repressive measures of the Americans seem to get tougher every day that passes.

The new year began with the US authorities who decided to launch tear gas to repel about 150 migrants arrived in Tijuana with the Honduras Caravan, who attempted to pass the fences. The action was officially confirmed only on Tuesday, when the US border authorities issued a statement stating that the gas was used not to affect migrants but the “stone launchers” who were trying to Cross. Different the opinion of migrants, as confirmed by some journalists. An Associated Press photographer said he witnessed at least three bursts of gas across the border to Tijuana beach and that these launches hit migrants, including women and children, as well as journalists. The throwing of stones started only after the tear gas had been fired. The Associated Press stated that rubber bullets would also be fired on the crowd. 25 migrants were detained, the others returned to Mexico through a hole under the fence.

It is not the first time that men at the frontier have recourse to the use of tear gas: it had already happened on 26 November, and also on that occasion had been hundreds of the migrants affected.

The caravan of migrants from Honduras to mid-October has now reached a worrying dimension: there are over 6 thousand migrants. And many of them are in Tijuana waiting to have a chance to ask for asylum in the United States. Meanwhile others have tried to find work in Mexico and to settle there.

The stalemate, consequence of the fight between Trump and the Democrats in Congress on funding for the frontier wall, led to a partial arrest of the government.

But the situation of migrants is likely to explode even within the US borders: many young immigrants already in the United States are likely to see rejected their request for the green Card (residence permit) because according Trump’s administration they are too “old”. A law from 1990 provides for young immigrants who are subject to abuse, neglect or neglect by a parent to seek a guardian appointed by the court and to obtain the green card to remain in the country, provided that the documents are submitted before completion of the 21st year of age. In this way from 2010 over 50 thousand young immigrants have obtained the green card. Now Trump’s administration has stated that some of them would be “too old” to do so and would have lowered the limit to 18 years. The decision sparked a barrage of expulsion notices in many states including new York, Texas, California and new Jersey. Notices followed by an avalanche of lawsuits. The USCIS officials said they could not comment on pending litigation, but that the agency “continues to ensure that humanitarian benefits are eligible for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected”. Beth Krause, an advocate of the young immigrant Advocacy project in New York, said however that the federal agency for Immigration does not have the authority to decide and that it is up to the courts to issue protective orders to cover young people of this age. “USCIS has changed its policy in an arbitrary and capricious way,” said Krause, “they’re mistaken.” Even in California, a federal judge has blocked the government’s decision to deny young immigrants the residence permit. At least for now.




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