Unlimited, secure and fast calling and file sharing over local network and the internet. 

Unlike current messaging and calling applications, trango uses a faster and more private approach. It initiates a peer to peer, serverless connection between users. This means that no call data goes through any central servers. Using this architecture, Trango enables users to experience better audio, video call quality and more privacy.

  • Also, trango will enable calls over the user’s local network (W)LAN if the call participants are on the same network and will use the internet if they are on different networks, further enhancing quality and privacy. In other words, it works with AND without the internet.

  • All devices in a network connect to the trango discovery node, whether it is hosted by the owner of the network or the trango cloud. This connection is necessary so that the discovery node can exchange the I.P addresses with the devices involved in an encrypted fashion.

  • Once the discovery node discovers the devices, the discovery node creates a room which allows the devices to connect to eachother in a serverless and peer to peer manner.

  • Once the connection (audio, video, file) is established between the peers, the discovery node disconnects from the picture altogether.

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