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TOPtoTOP Arctic Research Expeditions

TOPtoTOP Foundation supports science.

A better understanding of the Arctic is a must to find solutions to save our planet. Climate change and plastic pollution are one of the main stressors” says founder Dario Schwoerer.

TOPtoTOP is the expert in climate-friendly science expeditions to the most remote regions of our planet.

TOPtOTOP has 21 years of expertise in environmental education and links science with schools.

150’000 students in more than 100 countries have been inspired in schools about environmental science and practical conservation measures.

Please join our cooperation to SAVE OUR PLANET.

Welcome aboard and become part of the “TOPtoTOP Arctic Research Expedition”!

Currently, we are operating with the following equipment:

e-DNA sampling (peristaltic pump)

microplastic sampling (manta net)

air sampling

ice- and snow sampling

underwater assessments (blueye)

Currently, the following institutions are involved:

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – NORCE – University of Innsbruck – ETH Zürich – University of Akureyri – TOPtoTOP Foundation – Liechtensteinische Ges. f. Umweltschutz – Austrian Polar Research Institute – Swiss Polar Institute – Arctic University of Norway




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