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The Zcash Foundation AudioVisual Club

Since announcing the ZF AV Club at the end of January, 2023, participation has grown steadily, organically, as a grassroots movement. We’re working together to learn from each other while enabling fellow Zcash community members by providing collaboration and organization that’s motivating Zcash content creators around the world. If you’re into it and curious, allow me to give you a rundown of how far we’ve come since January, what we’re doing at Zcon4 and our dreams for the year ahead!

Ryan is an experienced livestreamer who has been actively covering grassroots tech events since 2014. Alongside his livestreaming endeavors, he has worked as a web developer for prominent cryptocurrency projects, including BitcoinMagazine.com, Ethereum.org and Z.cash. His primary interest recently is in fostering a community of privacy-focused audiovisual content creators, providing opportunities for individuals interested in learning and experimenting with media production equipment, platforms and tools.

Find out more about the Zcash Foundation AudioVisual Club @ https://free2z.cash/ZFAVClub

Please join us on the Zcon4 app, Whova, to ask speakers questions and engage in discussion with other attendees.

Free registration: https://whova.com/portal/registration…

To view our full program, visit our website: https://zfnd.org/zcon4/



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