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The Shining – unseen interviews with Stanley Kubrick & Vivian Kubrick

1980 (Jun’ichi Yaoi / 矢追 純一)

Background :

Towards the end of post-production on The Shining Jun’ichi Yaoi visited Stanley Kubrick’s offices at EMI Elstree Studios to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the set there were several accidents and a major fire during production which were prominently reported by the media at the time. This raw footage was likely shot for an unreleased/unaired Japanese paranormal TV documentary – Jun’ichi Yaoi ( 矢追 純一 ) b.1935 is a director/producer, TV personality and writer well known in Japan for his explorations of the paranormal, he worked for Nippon Television Network in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s producing many shows for them on the topic. He is widely credited with popularising UFOs in Japan. The unedited footage came from original production master VHS tapes in the personal collection of famed ufologist Wendelle C. Stevens, who was apparently involved in this production.



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