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The grindarap: Faroe Islands


A few weeks ago


we wrote about the slaughter of whales that takes place every year in the Faroe Islands:

the grindadrap.

An event presented as tradition but that,

instead, is based on economic interests relevant for the economy of these remote islands.

The 2015 “event” directly affect the Italian foreign minister. Alice Rusconi Bodin,

italian citizen, was arrested for interfering with the traditional “grindadráp”,

the local whaling. An arrest that follows the arrest of another italian citizen,

Marianna Baldo, activist of Sea Shepherd, locked up in prison on July 23 for the same reason.

Referring to the authorities they,

and four volunteers of the Sea Shepherd coming from different countries,

could be “guilty” of raising between a pod of pilot whales

that were targeted to be slaughtered during a grindadráp and hunters.

Even then 61 pilot whales were pushed ashore and killed with blows of spears.

Their suffering has ended.

But the suffering of the protesters has just begun: Rudy de Kieviet, Lawrie Thomson,

Tobias Boehm, Alice Bodin and Frances Holtman saw their passports confiscated

and are being held pending trial.

It remains to be seen whether and what to tell the Foreign Ministry on this whole affair ….

C.Alessandro Mauceri



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