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The great Teletype restoration saga by CuriousMarc

part 9

A Teletype recently arrived for restoration. It’s an early one, a Model 19, which actually incorporates a Model 15 keyboard and printer unit first introduced in 1930. This Model 19 was a military version made for the Army Signal Corps, and was a mainstay in WWII. The gray paint on ours indicates it was likely deployed in the Navy. It uses 5-bit serial Baudot code for communication, a predecessor of the 8-bit ASCII code that later Teletypes would use. We inspect the unit for the first time after an initial rough cleaning.

My hand-me-down Model 15 is behaving oddly. Turns out most of it is hard to diagnose, self-inflicted damage from previous restoration efforts. Fear not, it all ends well. But a long video is needed to tell the woes. However, this will teach us about a flurry of clever optional features in this fully loaded machine. Useful links to stuff seen in the video: – “Jedi” Panasonic Toughbook restoration: https://youtu.be/mQHGFHK-ldA – John Nagle’s baudotrss software: http://www.aetherltd.com/communicatin… – John Nagle’s ttyloopinterface 60 mA interface hardware: https://github.com/John-Nagle/ttyloop…



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