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The Art of Sharing

Computers and the Internet have provided us with tools to do virtually anything and I consider most of it art. To help you understand: I design and develop web sites and apps, produce livestreams, take pictures, write blogs, and promote disruptive peer-to-peer technologies.

Much of this will be discussed at some length, in time. Also on this blog there will be announcements regarding events and happenings of all sorts. I’ll share my experiences and you’ll share yours and we’ll become friends who eventually meet and maybe share a hug. That’s what the Internet is best at, connecting people. It brings us together and helps us share experiences and ideas.

Livestreaming (aka Webcasting) is a developing technology that has taken our sharing power to a new level, bringing a monumental shift to our ability to share the stage, the streets, and everywhere in between. I’m really excited about that whole process, how the tech is being used, and what’s presently under development.

I’ve been producing livestream video for several years now and have broadcast many diverse events including the International Pole Championship in Singapore and the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup. My short-term goal is to broadcast small local events that have global interest. Everything from music and theater performances to tech meetups and warehouse gatherings.

Distributed peer-to-peer technologies like Bitcoin, IPFS, MaidSafe, and Ethereum are changing the way the Internet operates, at a fundamental level. The advancements are obvious when you know where to look but there’s a social evolution happening simultaneously, spiraling out from the ideologies of decentralization into real world applications – people connecting through events like meetups and phenomena like crowdfunding. We’re breaking communication barriers and making centralized systems irrelevant.

There are drawbacks to some of the sharing tools and models that are presently part of the mainstream Internet, specifically the World Wide Web. Security, privacy and freedom are vital to keep in our sights and open discussions as we build the next generation technologies which will bring us closer together and enable us to share in amazing new ways. We need to be aware of the broken pieces, embrace stuff that’s awesome, and not build the same crap a second time around. All of this collaboration is what is driving the P2P revolution online and AFK.

On the Internet, all this sharing manifests as content. Whether the content is a video, music, an app, a network protocol, or a 3D printable gun, it can be created now with often minimal resources (perhaps a lot of effort) and sent out to the world with the click of a button. Well, it may take several clicks but you get the picture.

We are the media!



Explorer of the world; physical, digital, and otherwise. Supporting
open-source and decentralization with development and livestream video broadcasts. Twitter: @AdjyLeak - YouTube: @adjyleak - Website: https://adjyleak.video/ 




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