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    The Archimedes: urban wind turbine


    The Archimedes was started in mid 2006 and was founded by Messrs. M. Mieremet MsC and R. Ruijtenbeek bbe for the development of a new innovative urban wind turbine.

    The turbine is based on Biomimicry from the cephalopod family Nautilidae, this is a seashell who lives in the oceans. Nautilus means Sailor in Greek.

    The Liam self-starting urban wind turbines – measuring 1.75 meters in length x 1.70 meters in width x 1.80 meters in height.

    The company is built on the re-invented formulas, drawings and principles of Archimedes. A durable symbiosis however is possible: Wind turbines can produce “clean” energy from Earth’s energy.

    Supported by old documents from Archimedes we revived the ancient Greek mathematician’s work, and developed new theories and techniques that more closely follow the natural laws of physics for energy. Archimedes was one of the greatest scientists and thinkers in ancient Greek history (Syracuse, Sicily, 287 BC, there in 212 BC).

    Most today’s wind turbines require that a difference in pressure between the front and the rear side of the rotor blades be maintained in order to be effective. However, this difference in pressure also has a negative effect called “drag”.

    Our turbine rotor captures the kinetic energy of the wind due to its speed, and, by reversing the wind and reducing it to almost zero Beaufort converts it into mechanical energy. By doing this the wind speed’s effect (in kinetic energy) on the rotor is maximized and “lift” is obtained by the wind’s acceleration over the rotor area.

    The Archimedes: urban wind turbine




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