T100 Siemens

System to integrate vintage telex printers in the internet

The i-Telex System consists of the hardware modules based on ATMEL (R) mircocontrollers and the necessarry software for these modules.

The System is configurable by combining the various Interface modules for:
– single current teleprinters (german TW39 system)
– double current teleprinters
– teleprinters with ED1000 connection (german FSK Interface)
– interface to an ethernet connection
– interface to analog public telephone lines

Using the latter two Interfaces the user of the i-telex System can correspond with all other users.

In 2000, Philipp developed TelexPhone which lets original Telex machines to be used for communication over phone lines using original operating procedures. More recently Fred expanded the concept to allow the Internet to be used the same way, opening up the possibility for people worldwide to join the group.



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