Technology to liberate events from Facebook monopoly

Regaining control of our events with Mobilize.Berlin


Who are we?

We are a small but dedicated group of Berlin-based hackers & Free Software advocates, artists, journalists, creators, and so on. We want to support the music, club and party scene by providing a privacy-friendly event-management platform run and managed by our own community.

One year ago we launched Mobilize Berlin, a community-driven platform to publish events based on the Free Software Mobilizon and part of the Fediverse*.

What is the problem?

Although many event managers support Mobilize Berlin and would love to stop using corporate data-mining services like FaceBook Events, they also want to promote their events to as many possible concert and party-goers as possible. At the moment, this means promoting their events on multiple platforms at the same time.

What is the hackathon about?

First of all, the hackathon is a great opportunity to get to know each other. And become a community.

We are happy to invite you to join our Hackathon to improve two Free Software tools for event publishers to manage their events across platforms, including Mobilize.Berlin.

  • Libre Events is a browser extension to scrape (collect) events from Facebook and repost them on Mobilize.Berlin and other Fediverse platforms. The goal of this tool is to help Mobilize.Berlin reach a critical mass of events to attract users and “liberate” events from corporate data-mining services like Facebook Events, Meet-up etc.

Who is invited to attend?


  • geeks and developers interested in further developing the tools. Be it through feedback or through coding. Experience with APIs, NodeJs or Python might be useful, but is by no means necessary.

  • event organizers who are used to create events, can share their experience and needs with social media

What can you expect?

  • For event publisher, there will be the opportunity to tell something about their workflows and their needs.

  • For people who like to get to have a look at the code, there will be sessions presenting the work that has already been done and possible directions of further development.

You can learn more about Mobilize.Berlin from our 20-minute presentation at CCC in 2020:

We are also featured in the 2021 Arte documentary “DISAPPEAR- cover your online tracks”, which can be viewed with subtitles in 6 languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, POL, SP.

A tool to broadcast Mobilizon events on social media platforms


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