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Synnöve: Joker

Since this psycho – and the militiamen children – took over the presidency of Brazil, we have seen the environmental and moral bankruptcy of the country, with accusations of illegal enrichment and its virtual crimes.

Cross Queiroz (former advisor and former driver of Flávio Bolsonaro) with Marielle Franco, comes to the world of the militia and ties with the Tosconara family.

The 39 kg of coke of the 2th aeronautical staff on the presidential plane and the silence of the government… which supports the dictatorship and honors the torturers.

Brazil collapses with the return of censorship: Inpe can no longer disclose about deforestation, the Ibge can no longer disclose data about unemployment, edicts of the ancine suspended.


A stupid and arrogant minister in front of the ministry of education.
A crazy minister in front of the ministry of human rights, women and family.

Retirement will be with the people, but will continue to ensure the perks of the armed forces, the legislative and the judicial.

The Amazon burning because Brazil has 98 % of the world niobium reserves. And niobium is worth more than oil, gold and any other mineral.

The Northeast turning alone to clean its beaches from an environmental crime that, I suspect, has a name: Ricardo Salles, the vengeful fraudulent.

Brazil sinking, and the country serving as a showcase for international debauchery.

And in my microuniverso – press, cultural and business associations, government, acquaintances, friends and family – still applause for this government, prejudiced and indefensible.

Parodying Nobel Wisława Szymborska: somewhere, Brazil must have an end.

Cartoom: Synnöve Dahlström Hilkner

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SYNNÖVE is a cartoonist, illustrator, visual artist and cultural activist. Born in Finland, she has lived in Brazil since she was 7 years old. She has taken part in major International Cartoon Halls and was awarded at the 43rd International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, in 2016 and in 2018, she was part of the jury of the 45th edition of the hall. As a columnist and cartoonist at the Social News Agency (Agência Social de Notícias), Brazil, she reflects on the trends, dilemmas and complexity of contemporary society, through the eyes of artists and other protagonists of the multifaceted cultural life. Synnöve is also curator of art and humor exhibitions and illustrator.


  1. Os cartuns da Synnöve engrandecem a arte gráfica; kinkou com o pensamento de 89.504.543 brasileiros que não votaram em Boloasno.


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