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surena III


Published by: Surena III Project Control Manager, Amirmasoud Ghasemi Toudeshki

This is the 3rd version of Iranian Humanoid Robot-Surena III, which has been unveiled on November 15 2015.
CAST (Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies), University of Tehran, Iran,

The third generation of Iranian humanoid robot dubbed ‘Surena’ with a height of 190cm and a weight of 98kg enjoys remarkable improvements over its previous model. Surena III has 31 degrees of freedom, 9 degrees more than Surena II, including 12 at its legs, 16 at its hands, 2 at its head and 1 at its waist. Each leg of the robot has 6 degrees of freedom including 3 at its thighs, 1 at its knees and 2 at its wrists.

Surena III walks 3km/h faster than the previous model. It also has the ability to walk on uneven or sloping surfaces, as well as climb up and down stairs. Surena III can also drift and turn around within a desired radius.

The Iranian humanoid robot is also capable of interacting with its surroundings through visual and auditory senses. It can also speak based on predefined text, and enjoys the ability to recognize objects and has remote control.

Surena III can also detect human faces in motion and recognize body positions. It can hear and speak 200 words/sentences in Persian.

The national project of humanoid robot Surena III has been conducted by Center for Advanced Systems and Technology (CAST) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Tehran. In addition to professors and students of University of Tehran, a number of elites from other universities and companies active in the field of robotics have also participated in the project. (from Wikipedia)





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