SUKIF – Survival Kit for the Future by Manipuri Licypriya Kangujam

8-years-old Indian Climate Activist Licypriya Kangujam brings out a symbolic device called SUKIFU (Survival Kit for the Future) to curb the air pollution.

SUKIFU is almost zero budget kit specially designed from trash to provide fresh air into our body when the pollution rate is high.

This wearable plant is recognition of the Green Movement and it would be an inspiring attention for all across the globe facing deadly pollution. This invention sends a poignant message about environmental degradation and questions the planet’s unknown future and environmental depletion. I don’t want its message to only be about the environment. Instead, it’s about the same adaptability that caused me to come forward with a mission, the qualities of resilience that it takes to survive now and in the future.

In SUKIFU, a potted plant is housed inside a clear backpack (rucksack) hooked up to one tubes to funnel fresh air into a face mask. It’s a bold, abstract take on an oxygen tank. The transparent rucksack contains a plant, which connects to breathing apparatus. Another hole ? in the downside supply the natural fresh air inside the tank through 4 layers of Activated Carbon.

The plant symbolises our dying environment and our planet due to human beings. No chemicals or electricity used in this device.

The demonstration speaks thousands of words…



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