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Star Wars: A New Hope – The Original 1981 Radio Drama

Nigel’s Edit

” I’ve combined all episodes of the original radio drama using excerpts from John Williams’ original soundtrack and Ben Burt’s sound effects for a more seamless blending from one episode to the next. This is how I want to experience this fantastic piece of work. I hold no right to the material nor claim any credit for the final product. All content ownership remains with the proprietor of the original works. No breach or infringement of rights intended. Star Wars was a thirteen-part (originally 6½ hour) expanded radio adaptation of the original Star Wars film. Produced and broadcast in 1981 by National Public Radio as part of NPR Playhouse in the US. A reoccurring question is about the running time of the radio drama. “What has been cut to reduce the original running time? I have removed the narrated intros, outros and end credits from each episode to created the seamless story. This has reduced the over all running time for each complete drama.” Nige L

Written by Brian Daley

Directed by John Madden

Exec. Producers Richard Toscan and Carol Titelman

Narrated by Ken Hiller





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