SpiNNaker and the Human Brain Project: 1 million core neuromorphic platform

SpiNNaker is a project within the Advanced Processor Technologies group at the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

The SpiNNaker project has been 18 years in conception and 10 years in construction, but is now ready to contribute to the growing global community, exemplified by the EU Flagship Human Brain Project, that is aiming to deploy the vast computing resources now available to us to accelerate our understanding of the brain, with the ultimate goal of understanding the information processing principles at work in natural intelligence. SpiNNaker is a massively-parallel computer system, ultimately to incorporate a million ARM processor cores (the largest machine to date has 500,000 cores) with an innovative lightweight packet- switched communications fabric capable of supporting typical biological connectivity patterns in biological real time, and it is now openly available under the auspices of the Human Brain Project.





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