Silent Speech Texting Using SilentSpeller – Mobile and Hands-free

Voice control provides hands-free access to computing, but there are many situations where audible speech is not appropriate. Most unvoiced speech text entry systems can not be used while on-the-go due to movement artifacts.

SilentSpeller enables mobile silent texting using a dental retainer with capacitive touch sensors to track tongue movement. Users type by spelling words without voicing. In offline isolated word testing on a 1164-word dictionary, SilentSpeller achieves an average 97% character accuracy. 97% offline accuracy is also achieved on phrases recorded while walking or seated. Live text entry achieves up to 53 words per minute and 90% accuracy, which is competitive with expert text entry on mini-QWERTY keyboards without encumbering the hands.




Naoki Kimura, Tan Gemicioglu, Jonathan Womack, Richard Li, Yuhui Zhao, Abdelkareem Bedri, Alex Olwal, Jun Rekimoto, Thad Starner


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