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Self Driving Solar Powered Boat

Solar Voyager is an autonomous boat designed and built from scratch that is meant to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Spanning over four meters in length and one metre in width, it has enough space to house two solar panels that act as its main power source. Solar Voyager is expected to be launched in the middle part of the year 2016 to undertake a 4 month journey across the Atlantic to reach France or Spain, depending on weather conditions. Along it’s journey, it will periodically broadcast live satellite data about it’s current status and position. You can view it’s current status here. Solar Voyager is designed in Singapore, with it’s hull made in the US, and its electronics made and assembled in Singapore. We have previously attempted to make a launch in the early part of 2015 but due to a fatal failure that we experienced during the launch date, we had to abort the mission. We will attempt another launch in 2016 and we hope that this time it will be a successful launch.





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