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SAROS – Turning Waves into Fresh Water

SAROS is a wave-powered desalination system capable of producing inexpensive drinking water for coastal areas around the world in an environmentally sustainable way.

As the SAROS buoy rises and falls with passing swells, it works against it’s mooring tether to drive the pumps underneath the hood of the buoy. These pumps intake seawater and pump it back to shore under pressure. Before entering the desalination system, a device which we call the WaveBank transforms the surges of incoming water from the buoy into a smooth, steady stream of water into the reverse osmosis system. SAROS uses tried and true, off-the-shelf reverse osmosis systems which are among the most efficient systems in the world. These systems feature an energy recovery device that acts like a turbocharger for the incoming seawater, boosting the incoming pressure, as well as providing massive energy savings. The water that comes out is fresh, clean, and ready to drink! No chemicals or pollutants are added at any point, and reverse osmosis removes salt, bacteria, and any other harmful contents from the seawater. All this powered only by the motion of the ocean.






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