Safi Sarvi: A unique fertilizer blend for the African soil

Safi Sarvi(R) increases a farmer’s yields while reducing soil acidity. Our product is suitable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture including: maize, rice, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and grasses.
The farmers will notice the following benefits to the crop:
    • Grow more with less fertilizer by increasing nutrient holding
    • Save water through better soil retention
    • Reduce pollutants in run-off
    • Improve soil aeration and structure
    • Promote beneficial microbial life
    • Maintain greener turf during drought irrigation
    • Restore degraded/acidified soils
    • Reduce mortality by having stronger transplants

As a secondary environmental benefit, our fertilizer actively sequesters carbon into the soil (~110 kg CO2e/acre), and curbs the farm waste disposal problem.
Application: Application rates vary from 500-2,000 kg per hectare, depending on soil type, crop type, fertilization, and climate.
In the long term (2-5 years), farmers will notice that their crop yield will increase as the acidity in their soil is counteracted by our fertilizer. This is expected to increase their income further.
Africa’s rural farmers often pay much more than the rest of the world for fertilizers because most fertilizers are produced at a large scale abroad and then imported. This adds to the cost of food production for small-scale subsistence farmers, driving them into a vicious cycle of poverty.  A unique fertilizer blend, tailored to the African soil, at a lower cost compared to the market cost.
This helps break smallholder farmers’ current dependency on expensive imported chemical fertilizers, which are actually harming their acidic soil in the long run. We have developed a proprietary formula and an innovation reactor to enable this process.
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