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Rodriguez: Remembering José Guadalupe Posada

“Super Posada”
José Guadalupe Posada was born on a day like today of 1852 in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The talented cartoonist and engraver dedicated his life to telling the news to the Mexican people, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, with drawings of skulls and skeletons accompanied by texts that mockingly criticized the country’s situation, as well as the privileged classes , they became popular among the population and began to be reproduced in newspapers called “combat”.

Among the engravers who stood out in their work of skulls were Constantino Escalante, Santiago Hernández, Manuel Manilla and José Guadalupe Posada, who in his works accentuated the festive and carefree character of the Mexican people.
The reproduction of Posada’s images in the newspaper El Jicote led him to leave his native state to go to Mexico City, where he collaborated in media such as La Patria Ilustrada, El Padre Cobos and El Ahuizote, among others.

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