Rodriguez: “Justice for Marielle”

Marielle Franco, the warrior voice of the favelas was silenced by bullets.

“The powerful can kill one, two or three flowers, but they can never stop the Spring”. Marielle Franco

Woman, mother, feminist, black and native of Maré, the murder in the street of the leftist councilor consternated hundreds of people in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in the country.
Marielle Franco made that combination her cause. Born and raised in the favela of Maré, the largest complex of favelas and one of the most violent in Rio de Janeiro, the leftist councilor and human rights activist was a symbol of the struggle of Brazilian black women against racism, machismo and police violence before being shot dead while traveling by car on Wednesday night at 38 years of age.

Brazil cried on Thursday his death to the cry of “Luto e luta” (Mourning becomes a fight), “Murderous police, will not silence us” or “Warrior woman who died for the people,” shouted hundreds of people gathered in the gates of Caju Cemetery, in the port area of ​​Rio, where Marielle was buried. The pain and rage were translated in multitudinous protests in several cities of the country. And beyond its borders: several international organizations demanded an urgent and transparent investigation, such as the UN Office for Human Rights or Amnesty International.

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