Rodriguez: “I BLAME YOU”

My greatest solidarity with my colleagues Patrick Chappatte, Antonio Antunes, Mohammad Sabaaneh, Vasco Gargalo and others, who at different times have been victims of intolerance and double standards by the government of Israel and related media, qualifying them as anti-Semites through a systematic campaign of moral blackmail, putting their jobs and work spaces at risk as cartoonists. It´s a blow to a freedom of speech and the right of the audience to have truthful and timely information. A big hug to them and to all of you, my dear friends and colleagues, and to your right to do your work as cartoonists, with truth, freedom and courage.

#FreedomOfSpeech #PressFreedom #Netanyahu #Palestine #cartooning

José Antonio Rodríguez García (Ciudad de México, 1965) Caricaturista e ilustrador, miembro de la Sociedad Mexicana de Caricaturistas y de la Asociación Internacional de Caricaturistas MIKS, Sisak, Croacia, The Cartoon Movement, tOOns MaG y Cartooning For Peace. Actualmente caricaturista editorial e ilustrador del diario "La Voz de Michoacán", en México y de la revista "Negratinta", editada en España. - POSTS

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