Rodriguez: Bon Voyage, Claire Bretécher

Claire Bretécher, one of the most celebrated French cartoonists of recent decades and the first woman to achieve significant prominence in this genre in France, has died aged 79. Bretécher rose to fame in the 1970s with the comic-book series Les Frustres, (The Frustrated Ones) which tackled issues of gender and sexuality with a mordant and deadpan humour.

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José Antonio Rodríguez García (Ciudad de México, 1965) Caricaturista e ilustrador, miembro de la Sociedad Mexicana de Caricaturistas y de la Asociación Internacional de Caricaturistas MIKS, Sisak, Croacia, The Cartoon Movement, tOOns MaG y Cartooning For Peace. Actualmente caricaturista editorial e ilustrador del diario "La Voz de Michoacán", en México y de la revista "Negratinta", editada en España. - POSTS

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