Robot operated via a Brain-Computer Interface


Lightweight robot manipulator (7DOF Kinova Jaco2) operated via a Brain Computer Interface (Emotiv Epoc+).
The user selects an element from a GUI by focusing attention on it and counting how many times it flashes (P300 potential generated via oddball paradigm).
The motion of the manipulator is controlled relying on a closed loop inverse kinematic algorithm that simultaneously manages multiple set based and equality-based tasks.
The objects and the user’s mouth are recognized and localized using an RGB-D sensor (Kinect one).

The software architecture is developed relying on widely used frameworks to operate BCIs and robots (namely, BCI2000 for the operation of the BCI and ROS for the control of the robot) integrating control, perception and communication modules developed for the application at hand.

Robotics Research group of the DIEI
University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Cassino, Italy






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