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Reform: DIY Portable Computer prototype

“Like many of you, I spend a lot of time using computers: to write, draw, render, make music and program. I understand that most people want a digital appliance to get out of the way and make their lives easier, but I know that there are some who would like to better understand and take control of their device — for reasons of security, curiosity, or the desire for personal customization and hackability.”

Security, Transparency, Hackability

“28cm wide and 17.5cm deep, its complete height including the display adds up to 5.5cm to accomodate for all the connectors of the development board and to allow room for experimentation before shrinking everything down. Its 1.5kg including the battery feel OK, though. The battery is an off-the-shelf RC 7.4V LiPo battery with modest 3000 mAh capacity. Running a full linux desktop on full LCD brightness clocks in at around 1.8A, 5V, which yields 2.5 hours of continuous usage on this battery. Doubling that number would be a good target.

At this point, we’re eager to hear your early feedback about Reform. What would you like to see in an open, portable computer system? What did we miss? Send your thoughts to lukas@mntmn.com and we will update you on further progress of the project.”

by Lukas F. Hartmann  MNT Media and Technology UG, Berlin




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