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Radio UserLand

Radio UserLand is a software package from UserLand Software, first released in 2000,

which includes not only a client-side blogging tool but also an RSS aggregator, an outliner and a scripting language.

In June 2009, Userland Software announced that the Radio Userland service would be closing at the end of 2009.

Radio was the first commercially available program to enable the “RSS enclosure” method of delivering audio or video files,

 the basis of what came to be known as podcasting several years after the feature was introduced. (from Wikipedia)


Pricing, versions, screens

Radio UserLand costs only $39.95. Radio includes a year of optional hosting for your weblog (that’s $3.33 a month! for the software, hosting, and software updates) with up to 40MB of storage space. Updates to the software can be renewed for additional years at the same price. Hosting may change in price in the future. You also have the option of publishing your Radio weblog to any location you desire using Radio’s support for FTP (for example an ISP or an Intranet server). Try a 30-day free trial today, you will be publishing in minutes.

Radio UserLand is available in versions for Macintosh OS X, Macintosh Classic, and Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98. Macintosh Classic users running MSIE — it’s highly recommended that you read this note, for optimal performance.


My Radio UserLand page: http://radio-weblogs.com/0147909/2005/09/



“Our product is designed for users; they create the pull, they have the applications. As with personal computers, two generations ago, our application is not on the radar of many IT managers in corporations. It’s starting to show up, and we will have an offer for them. But first we want the hearts and minds of users, and propose to win them by giving them power they can use today, not someday in the future. — UserLand Software founder Dave Winer”  from the book Radio UserLand Kick Start by Rogers Cadenhead.


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