QWANT an european search engine

Qwant was launched in France in February 2013, after two years of research and development. The search engine, which is now European, continues to grow and innovate, and the whole Qwant team is proud to present the new version which includes:

  • A modern and clutter-free design
  • A layout created with the user experience in mind
  • New, more extensive search functions
  • An interface adapted for mobiles and tablets

However, this version hasn’t forgotten the basic principles on which Qwant was founded. In fact, our search engine doesn’t track its users and doesn’t filter web content. We promise to respect users’ privacy, whilst also guaranteeing a secure environment and relevant results. So, when you create a Qwant account, we collect the minimum of information necessary for access to all our services, putting “data minimisation” into practice. On that note, we invite you to create an account in order to enjoy advanced functions, such asboards and bookmarks, or simply to save your Qwant settings more easily.



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