Economists, scientists and even mathematicians use the term ‘progress as a max in human culture. For them progress is the best goal to reach, even if none of them has never defined it in his matter.

Please, ask economists about what they intend for progress and they will certainly answer as increase of national product. They believe that progress means to increase the quantity of monetary wealth. Of course this is a nonsense, in other word, bull sheat.

Please ask scientists about what they intend for progress and they certainly will answer ‘increase of truth knowledge, even if they do not know what truth really is, but continue to try to recognize something that they have never seen before.

Please ask mathematicians and they will answer ‘increase of intuitions’, even if ‘numbers‘ do not exist in nature.

Anyway, progress is the most qualifying series of events that politicians, scientists, and charlatans can promise in their speeches.

They ignore what progress really means, but they do not care; for them progress is the best of positivity. They state to work for progress, while they work for money.

The term progress is a general and abstract term, which comes from Latin ‘progredire’, whose lemma means a lot of things (go on, further, continue, achieve, improve, etc.). It’s a neutral term, neither affirmative, nor negative; therefore it does not state a good or bad quality itself. It depends from the sense that we want to give to our statement.

For example, to state ‘progress in the desert’ means go on, go further; ‘progress in mathematics’ means improve your knowledge in that discipline.

Now, if you progress in mathematics, that means you will learn more and more about that matter. But if you progress in the desert, that does not mean that you will learn more and more about desert, but that you go on, which could not be the right direction to come out of your troubles. Not always it is necessary to progress; sometime it is better to regress; but the last hypothesis is not opportune for innovators who care only of monetary profit.

Therefore progress means nothing if you do not specify what kind of actions you are talking about.

Progress in technology is null and void if it really does not bring both material and ethical advantages to users. But, you know, no inventor care of that: he cares only about the monetary profit, or the power increase it can generate.

Most innovators do not work for the sake of knowledge, but for the sake of money.



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