Progetto ITER: a nuclear fusion project


In Cadarache, near Aix en Provence, in southern France,

several countries are working together to nuclear fusion project called ITER.

This project aims to be able to generate energy through  the same process that occurs in the sun.

A new way to produce clean energy and above all economic and almost unlimited.

Reactor will weigh three times the Eiffel Tower and will be located

in an area as big as 60 football fields, said Claudio Rocco for Euronews.

The fusion process requires that hot gas containing light atoms, like hydrogen,

is taken to extreme pressure and temperature (about 150million Celsius degrees).

Levels of pressure and temperature similar to those that occur in the center of the sun.

Conditions that will be controlled creating a strong magnetic field.

General manager Bernard Bigot said that this technology

could solve the energy problems for the all planet.

“The main advantage – said Bigot – is that this fuel, hydrogen, is abundant in nature.

We can find it in the sea, in the water of the lakes.

It is a virtually inexhaustible resource for hundreds of millions of years.

Another advantage is waste management.

There is are radioactive waste, but its duration is for a limited time:

not more than a few hundred years,

against the millions of years that we are used to manage in case of nuclear fission”.

But that’s not enough.

Another advantage is that, in case of problems, nuclear fusion would stop itself.

This will avoid the risk that, as with nuclear fission,

nuclear fuel continues to generate uncontrolled power.



C.Alessandro Mauceri



C. Alessandro Mauceri
C. Alessandro Mauceri
Since thirty years C.Alessandro Mauceri deals, writes and talks about issues related to the environment and a sustainable development, as well as internationalization. He is author of several books, including Water War and Finta Democracy. His research and papers were reported in several newspapers, in Italy and abroad.Posts

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