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Premobox a wonderful micro computer

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Internet Security
Hot Spot WiFi
WiFi Bridging
Indipendent subnets
File sharing
Office Automation
Media streaming (audio and video)
Parental control
Anonymous web surfing


CPU: Dual Core ARM Cortex-A7@1.0Ghz
GPU: Dual Mali400, OpenGL ES
Video: HDMI
Audio: 3.5mm jack, HDMI
Network: 3 LAN, (up to) 2 WiFi ports
Int Stor: (Up to) 64GB, SATA port available
USB: 5 Host
Other: Infrared port
Power: 5V (min 500mA)
Size: 29 x 65 x 105 mm

PREMOBOARD ® (shortly: PB) is a compact expansion board (6x10cm) that allows:
– 2 wireless ports (both configurable as Access Point)
– 2 LAN ports (10/100)
– 4 USB ports (2.0)

Wireless modules are the well known RT5370, but it can be replaced with other module as you wish.

LAN and USB are managed by LAN951x.
PremoBoard ® can be controlled by any system via USB port. Anyway, PremoBorad was designed to work as an expansion of cubieboard (Both A10 and A20 models): the 2 boards together create a final product (we call it PREMOBOX ®) that works better than the two single boards separately.


PremoBoard is designed to complete and expand the Cubieboard that allows “only” one LAN and 2 USB ports.

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