In the current American voting campaign have you never heard any candidate to talk about economic policy, social policy, foreign policy, immigration policy, welfare policy, government political programs, etc.? I have not.

The political campaign is by now only a show where candidates talk about themselves, except policy.

Chelsea Clinton introduces her mother as “a queen”, but no word about her policy.

Lady Trump introduces her husband by means of a speech already issued by others.

No political program, no declaration of political intents; just “vote for me, vote for me, I am the best”.

Imagine, dear reader, if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can be considered the best Americans in the world. Nevertheless they are fighting each other to be nominated as President of the United States, i.e. the most powerful and influential person in the world.

What’s your program?” This is the most fundamental question any candidate should have to answer. But nobody cares. Any candidate does not answer this question, because he/she does not care at all of voters, citizens, environment. They care only of winning. Then the winner will prepare a political program based not on citizens’ need, but on what he will decide with lobbyists, and economic powers.

Long life our glorious tradition of democracy.

Policy is dead,

but the show must go on.

Enrico Furia
Enrico Furiahttps://www.aneddoticamagazine.com
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