Pete Kreiner – Graph: French Trust for Migrant Population

After a series of devastating terrorist attacks on France resulted in a 2017 poll indicating that just twelve per cent of French citizenry trusted the migrant population, a renewed confidence in foreigners returned when Malian asylum-seeker Mamoudou Gassama heroically rescued a four year-old toddler dangling from a fourth floor balcony in Paris on Saturday and was promptly awarded French citizenship by President Emmanuel Macron.

Pete Kreiner
Pete Kreiner
Freelance cartoonist/writer My humble advice to budding cartoonists is...always aim to create a cartoon which doesn't need to use words to describe what your cartoon is trying to say. "Pete Kreiner is an artist of not only great talent, but a profound insight and sense of propriety exemplified in his illustrative pieces that always hit the mark with intelligence, sometimes dark humour and witty satire." Steve Guest

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