Pete Kreiner: “Facebook Tap”

Data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica has allegedly tapped the Facebook profiles of more than 50 million users without their permission.

Facebook has been accused of social engineering after insiders reveal that highly emotive reactions “angry”, “wow”, “love”, “sad” and “haha” were purposely introduced in 2016 as an experiment aimed at stimulating user dependence on the platform.

Pete Kreiner: “Facebook is Playing Us All Like a Finely Tuned Guitar.”
Pete Kreiner
Pete Kreiner
Freelance cartoonist/writer My humble advice to budding cartoonists is...always aim to create a cartoon which doesn't need to use words to describe what your cartoon is trying to say. "Pete Kreiner is an artist of not only great talent, but a profound insight and sense of propriety exemplified in his illustrative pieces that always hit the mark with intelligence, sometimes dark humour and witty satire." Steve Guest

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