Pete Kreiner: “Can Somebody Please Help Me Fix This Shithole?”

While the world erupts in outrage over idiot Trump’s “shithole” labeling of African countries, maybe it’s time that filthy rich nations used some of their combined trillions to end the abject hunger and substandard living conditions which have plagued that continent for decades and in the process give hope to millions of innocent Africans who are sick of it and want our help.

Pete Kreiner
Pete Kreiner
Freelance cartoonist/writer My humble advice to budding cartoonists is...always aim to create a cartoon which doesn't need to use words to describe what your cartoon is trying to say. "Pete Kreiner is an artist of not only great talent, but a profound insight and sense of propriety exemplified in his illustrative pieces that always hit the mark with intelligence, sometimes dark humour and witty satire." Steve Guest

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