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Dear NSA, Happy 4th of July.


Douglas Engelbart (1968) RIP


The Original Tom Swift Series Public Domain Texts

http://durendal.org/ts.html Tom Swift (in the 2nd series Tom Swift, Jr.) is the central character in six series of books, first appearing in 1910, totaling more than 100 volumes,...

Remembering Otrona Attache’ portable computer 1982

The Otrona Attache' was the most wanted transportable computer at the time as it was the smallest of its category. Preceded by the Osborne and Kaypro II,...

COTTON CANDY Microcomputer


kbdbabel “keyboard-babel”

Open source keyboard protocol translator project http://www.kbdbabel.org/

Raspberry Pi WIFI Radio


Fish Pi

The company says: "We are developing a Marine Unmanned Surface Vessel, which will ultimately be able to cross the Atlantic unaided, and take scientific...

Microworld 1980

1980 promotional film from the AT&T Archives.

RoboBee insect-sized robot

  Robotic insects make first controlled flight The demonstration of the first controlled flight of an insect-sized robot is the culmination of more than a decade's...

Robo Raven UMD Robotics

Complete individual wing control allows crazy aerobatics like back flips and dives, previously not possible with mechanical birds! http://unorthodoxideas.blogspot.de/2013/04/robo-raven-step-towards-bird-inspired.html

Earth-Friendly Biofuel

Biofuel invention turns algae into fuel. Evie Sobczak found that the acid in fruit could power clocks; she connected a cut-up orange to a clock...

Digital grotesque.

3D printed room by Michael Hansmeyer and  Benjamin Dillenburger.   Digital Grotesque - 日本語 (Japanese) from Digital Grotesque on Vimeo.

Make a Raspberry Pi into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy!

Browse anonymously anywhere you go with the Onion Pi Tor proxy. This is fun weekend project that uses a Raspberry Pi, a USB WiFi...

Powerful Ideas in the Classroom using Squeak

  Powerful Ideas in the Classroom: Using Squeak to Enhance Math and Science Learning. Squeak by Example http://www.apimadrid.org/media/libros/squeak.pdf   Stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books    


В період економічної кризи, є тільки один сектор економіки, що рухається вгору як показують останні дані. Тут також грають роль глобальні феномени – завжди...

Rijeka County Investment

Transport Infrastructures Tourism and Recreation Infrastructures Medical Tourism Economic Zones Business Complex Energetic SocialInfrastructures  

#SaveYourInternet #DeleteArt13

Big Businesses Fighting Each Other to the Detriment of Freedom This video shows the impact of the #Article13 #Copyright #CensorshipMachine on your freedom of speech....

Android Kannon: Buddhist robot priest

Kodaiji built by the headquarters of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the headquarters of Kitakami Nene, showcased the Android Kannon "Minder", a doctrine, to the reporters on...
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