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1951 “THE TOY” of Charles & Ray Eames

  “The Toy” was a self-assembly project made in 1951 by Charles and Ray Eames and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. "Toys are not really...

Home Growing ideas..

  DRIADE :  ERBALE by Becchelli, Bortolani, Maffei 1995 un' “invenzione di tipologia” http://www.clickandgrow.com/ High technology meets your house plants. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home. Horto...

C64: Impossible Mission

  Impossible Mission is a video game for several home computers. The original version for the Commodore 64 wasprogrammed by Dennis Caswell and published by Epyx in 1984. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics,...



Radio UserLand

Radio UserLand is a software package from UserLand Software, first released in 2000, which includes not only a client-side blogging tool but also an RSS aggregator, an outliner and a scripting language. In June...

The first Microsoft.com home page, in 1994.

Twenty years ago, there was no Facebook, of course, no eBay, no Amazon, no Wikipedia. It was Web less-than-1.0. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/discover/1994/ 643

AirEnergy 3D & Liam F1 UWT

A 3D printed, foldable wind turbine boosting 300W of power. omni3d.com     Liam F1 UWT  http://dearchimedes.com

Plantasia: music for plants

"Warm earth musicfor plants... and the peole who love them" Mother Earth's Plantasia, which was released in 1976, was an album of Moog compositions to be...

Habitat 1986 by Quantum Link

Habitat is "a multi-participant online virtual environment", a cyberspace. Each participant ("player") uses a home computer (Commodore 64) as an intelligent, interactive client, communicating via modem andtelephone over a...

Masanobu Fukuoka “Natural Farming”

Masanobu Fukuoka (福岡 正信) (2 February 1913 – 16 August 2008) was a Japanese farmer and philosopher celebrated for hisnatural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands. He...

Blit Terminal (1982)

The Blit terminal (circa 1982) was an early (possibly the first) remote windowing system by which multiple UNIX processes could operate on the same...


Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or...

Solar Sinter Project

In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, this project explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy...

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg (PG) is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks".  It was founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library.  Most...

Open Qwaq

  OpenQwaq is open source computer software for immersive collaboration, which enables organizations to implement online 3Dvirtual world workspaces for their specific needs. OpenQwaq is based on the Teleplace technology, a...


HERO ROBOTS A smaller version of HERO was released later, called HERO Jr. Heathkit intended it for the home market, and therefore made it less complex,...

1984: RB5X Robot “The Intelligent Robot.”

The RB5X Intelligent Robot (tm) was the first mass-produced programmable robot that was made for home use, experimentation, and educational purposes. The RB5X is still...

Pietro Grossi: Homeart

« Homeart, suggerita dal personal computer, porta al più elevato grado di autonomia decisionale oggi concepibile le aspirazioni e le possibilità artistiche latenti in ognuno...

Children labour

Another slap in the promises to eliminate one of the greatest plagues of our times: child labour. The latest report published by UNICEF leaves no...

Shutdown U.S.

Dying like an insect

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