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Bitcoin talk

Exclusive footage of Jaromi's new talk at Undystopia Cryptocastle 2021 now made public. His first talk was at the second Bitcoin conference in London...

Vasco Gargalo: Polícia sinaleiro

Cartoon editorial da revista Domingo do CM. #putin #ukraine #warukraine #nato #russia

Rodriguez: “A classic tale” – Here comes the Russian Wolf!

"Un cuento clásico" Mi cartón para la Revista Proceso de esta semana, No. 2364, 20/02/22. "A classic tale" - Here comes the Russian Wolf! #UkraineConflict #Donbass #Donbas #Ucrania #Ukraine #USA #RussiaUcraina #NATO #OTAN

Klaus Pitter: Fumando Espero

Fumar es un placer, genial, sensual... Fumando espero a la que tanto quiero quiero, tras los cristales de alegres ventanales Y mientras fumo mi vida no consumo porque...

Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only crewed amateur spaceflight program. Located in Denmark with supporters across the world. From 2011 to the present day,...

Silent Speech Texting Using SilentSpeller – Mobile and Hands-free

Voice control provides hands-free access to computing, but there are many situations where audible speech is not appropriate. Most unvoiced speech text entry systems...

Luc Descheemaeker: STOP Violence against Women worldwide

243 million women and girls were abused by an intimate partner in the past years 2020-2021, according to the United Nations.

Lego-Style Hemp Blocks

A sustainable building construction system that is carbon less than zero, with low embodied energy, actually captures CO2 reducing global warming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIbilQ4h1ow&t=148s   The system uses bio...


Meshtastic is revolutionizing communication, merging ultra-low-cost microcontrollers with expansive LoRa transponders to enable encrypted messages to traverse miles without cellular infrastructure. This is not...
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