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CONSIDERATIONS ON EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DOWTURN From Der Spiegel we assume:   Germany's economy seemed immune from the general downturn of SMEs in the PIIGS, but of course...


DEMAND AND SUPPLY OUTPUT   AS AN ISSUE OF THE COST-BENEFIT FUNCTION     In classical economics we have:   1) E = f (Q, D)   i.e., Economics is the function...

Bukito 3D Printer

  (from Kickstarter)

Infragram: the Infrared Photography Project

What is Infragram? Infragram is a simple, affordable near-infrared camera produced by the Public Laboratory community in a series of collaborative experiments over the last few...

Deficit spending or project financing?

Modern economy needs capitals (financial and technological) for innovating and investing for creating new real wealth. Financial assets create no real wealth but just the...

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books,or eBooks. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971...

Dear NSA, Happy 4th of July.


Douglas Engelbart (1968) RIP


The Original Tom Swift Series Public Domain Texts

http://durendal.org/ts.html Tom Swift (in the 2nd series Tom Swift, Jr.) is the central character in six series of books, first appearing in 1910, totaling more than 100 volumes,...

Remembering Otrona Attache’ portable computer 1982

The Otrona Attache' was the most wanted transportable computer at the time as it was the smallest of its category. Preceded by the Osborne and Kaypro II,...

COTTON CANDY Microcomputer


kbdbabel “keyboard-babel”

Open source keyboard protocol translator project http://www.kbdbabel.org/

Raspberry Pi WIFI Radio


Fish Pi

The company says: "We are developing a Marine Unmanned Surface Vessel, which will ultimately be able to cross the Atlantic unaided, and take scientific...

Microworld 1980

1980 promotional film from the AT&T Archives.

RoboBee insect-sized robot

  Robotic insects make first controlled flight The demonstration of the first controlled flight of an insect-sized robot is the culmination of more than a decade's...

Robo Raven UMD Robotics

Complete individual wing control allows crazy aerobatics like back flips and dives, previously not possible with mechanical birds! http://unorthodoxideas.blogspot.de/2013/04/robo-raven-step-towards-bird-inspired.html

A 256byte intro presented at Revision 2024 demoparty.

Remnants by Alcatraz Code: Gopher Platform: DOS https://youtu.be/A9jn6ExjDw8?si=0vpi6C8LDbHF-ZF3 Binary can be found here: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=96536
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