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OpenCTD – Oceanography for Everyone

A low-cost, open-source instrument for measuring salinity, temperature, and depth in the ocean.

The ocean is not uniform, it its filled with swirling eddies, temperature boundaries, layers of high and low salinity, changing densities, and other physical characteristics invisible to surface observers. By measuring salinity, temperature, and depth, scientists can unlock ocean patterns hidden beneath the sea’s surface. To reveal these patterns, oceanographers use a CTD—an instrument that measures Conductivity (which serves as a proxy for salinity), Temperature, and absolute pressure (used to determine water Depth).

CTDs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and applications. Most oceanographic vessels have a CTD connected to a rosette system, which can house other instruments and collect physical water samples in parallel with real-time data collection. CTDs are also commonly attached to moorings, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), and, on occasion, marine animals.





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